Mac Pro Server - Replacing the Internal Backup Battery

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Replacing the Internal Backup Battery

Your Mac Pro uses a BR 2032 lithium coin cell battery that preserves settings, such as
the date and time, when your Mac Pro is off. If you notice intermittent problems when
your Mac Pro starts up, or changes in the date and time settings, replace the battery.


Dispose of the old battery according to your local environmental laws.

To replace the battery:


Open your Mac Pro and remove the side panel, following the instructions in “Opening
Your Mac Pro” on page 33.


Remove any PCI Express cards that block access to the battery. See “Adding PCI Express
Cards” on page 68 for instructions.


Remove the old battery from the holder.


Installing the battery incorrectly may cause an explosion. Use only the same

type of battery or an equivalent recommended by the manufacturer of the original.

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Chapter 3

Making a Good Thing Better


Insert the new battery in the holder with the positive side (+) facing out.


Replace the PCI Express cards that you removed (see “Adding PCI Express Cards” on
page 68).


Replace the side panel and push the latch down to secure it.

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